Customer-focused Divisions

Professional and Compliance Leadership

KnowledgePoint360 is committed to the highest of ethical standards across all interactions with healthcare professionals, business partners, clients and vendors and through all aspects of the work we do.

Industry Leadership

KnowledgePoint360 associates serve in leadership roles in organizations across our markets, such as the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP). We partner with major industry organizations for landscape benchmarks. KnowledgePoint360 is Safe Harbor certified for data privacy (

Multichannel Healthcare Communications

Compliance across KnowledgePoint360’s multichannel healthcare communications activities is led by a designated Compliance Team. This group maintains guidelines and policies; informs staff of new or updated laws, regulations, and guidelines; ensures appropriate processes and training; administers an annual compliance test; and audits adherence.

Publication Support

KnowledgePoint360 is a leader in providing authors, and biopharmaceutical sponsors, with support in communicating medical research via peer-reviewed journals and scientific congresses. Our formal policy, available here, describes requirements, standards, and policies for our employees and our company in such areas as training, primary publication of all trials regardless of outcome, authors’ rights, and authorship criteria. We support the Certified Medical Publication Professional (CMPP) credential and Good Publication Practices 2 (GPP2) standards.

Workflow Solutions

KnowledgePoint360’s workflow solutions for Speakers Bureaus have ready-to-audit compliance gates at every step to ensure compliance with regulations, institutional guidelines, and industry codes. Speakers Bureau staff are extensively trained and performance is monitored to ensure that all interactions with healthcare professionals conform to established compliance procedures.