An unparalleled combination of advanced software technology, excellent service for speaker programs and strategic medical communications.

Physicians World is an industry leader, optimizing effectiveness of speakers bureau programming through solutions that combine compliance-driven service, innovative software technology, and strategic medical communications.

Physicians World Speakers Bureau has a proprietary platform that is highly configurable, integratable, scalable, and mobile-ready. This workflow application provides end-to-end functionality to manage programs and data effectively and compliantly, thus increasing the ease, speed and efficiencies of managing speaker programs.

Compliance excellence protects against reputational and financial risks associated with the current regulatory requirements governing speaker contracts, training status, compensation management, speaker utilization, and event expense limits. Our platform provides automated compliance gates, and client-specific business rules can be built into our application.

Physicians World can enhance speaker bureau effectiveness through integrated strategic and tactical medical communication solutions, to deliver high-impact program formats, Thought Leader identification and engagement solutions, award-winning confidence-based training solutions, and multichannel promotional solutions to drive message retention with speakers and program attendees.

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